Embracing 2024: It’s Never Too Late To Create The Home You LOVE



HAPPY NEW YEAR! I firmly believe in interior design’s transformative power to mirror your life’s journey and aspirations.

Doesn’t this home’s exterior just make you feel happy?

As we welcome the New Year, we embrace a calendar change and a world of new beginnings and opportunities for personal growth and transformation. This renewal period isn’t limited to personal resolutions; it extends profoundly into our living spaces.

A Story of Transformation

I am currently working with a family that epitomizes this spirit of transformation. After dedicating years of working in a hectic family business and raising three kids, they decided to turn their attention to their home. It has been 35 years in a home without much attention paid. 

It’s been such a rewarding experience! Theirs is a classic, mid-century ranch home with great bones – exposed stone walls, vaulted spaces, and oversized windows. Ripping out the old carpet to be replaced by gorgeous engineered, wide-plank oak floors has been just one simple change that has already transformed their living environment.

Here’s their dramatic stone-walled dining room getting ready for new flooring.  We’re replacing that pendant too!  One step at a time.

This experience is a poignant reminder that it’s never too late to invest in your personal space to reflect on life’s shifts, achievements, and dreams. We are currently moving on to plan a total primary bathroom renovation starting this month.

My Unique Approach

My interior design approach is fun and supportive. I aim to make transforming your home an enjoyable and fulfilling journey. I believe in creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also a deep reflection of my client’s individual personalities and stories. This involves listening intently to their needs and desires, understanding their lifestyle, and translating that understanding into a design that speaks to their heart.

‘Good, Better, Best’: A Guide to Smart Choices

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Practical Tips for the Year Ahead

  • Embrace Color: I encourage you to embrace colors that resonate with you boldly. No one seems to regret bold color decisions when working with me! However, it requires a professional eye to balance, scale, and hue. This year, the trend is about making bold, personal choices in design. Whether it’s a vibrant wallpaper or subtly colored textiles, let your home reflect your personality.
  • Sustainable Choices: Opting for eco-friendly materials and products is more than a trend; it’s a responsibility. Sustainability in design reflects a growing awareness and commitment to our planet.
  • Multi-functional Spaces: Working from home continues to influence interior design. Creating adaptable spaces that can serve as a home office, a relaxation nook, or a creative corner is more important than ever.

A Personalized Approach

Every client I work with has a unique vision for their home. My commitment to personalization ensures that the spaces I design are not just aesthetically pleasing but are narratives of the lives lived within them. Each project is a collaborative journey. I work closely with clients to turn their vision into reality, ensuring that every detail reflects their personality and lifestyle.

Let’s make 2024 the year your home truly becomes a reflection of you.

Holley Pokora Interior Designer, Lafayette Hill, PA

Hi, I’m Holley Pokora, and since 2001, I’ve worked with builders, realtors, and homeowners creating beautiful, swoon-worthy spaces that are right for you. Are you ready for a designer home of your dreams? Book a consultation!

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