model home design Lafayette Hill, PA


You’ve invested years of planning and tens of thousands of dollars before the first equipment lands on the site. You’ve hired land planners, engineers, architects along the way, and now need to hire the right design firm so that your project stands out from the competition. A top-notch designer with years of experience in the builder world will:

  • study your market, analyze your plans, and present a demographic ‘ideal client’
  • create an exciting space plan utilizing all of your valuable square footage
  • deliver a color story that trends and targets your unique market
  • furnish with the latest finishes and textures to create an emotional connection with your buyers
  • create unique, demographic-specific memory points, so that buyers walk away with an imbedded good impression of your community
  • entertain the buyer with a model walk through that creates “I want to live here!” excitement

How We Can Work Together


(Priced per square foot or by job.)
You know you’ll be furnishing one or several models for your upcoming community and need help with exterior material planning, as well as advice on the best location for your models. 

How this works:
  1. We’ll meet to discuss your plans, time frame, and identify your buyer 
  2. In 2 weeks we’ll create a design presentation for your development, which will include:
    • A color story board for each model showing furnishings, materials, window treatments
    • The space plan and furniture layout
    • A budget and contract to begin working together



Together, we’ll review your architectural plans from a designer’s eye.  Before your build, we’ll help you avoid costly mistakes by solving layout dilemmas and optimizing the space for how your buyers want to live.  For example, your $1MM+ condo design does not fit a king bed in the Master Bedroom.  You may need to move a window or door location.  This happens more than you would think.

Sometimes just changing a hall door location makes a huge difference in how a room can function for your buyer.

Space planning, furniture placement and kitchen layouts will be analyzed and presented, and suggestions for lighting, flooring, plumbing finishes will also be discussed to ensure you’re on-trend and catching the eye of eager buyers.


(Priced per square foot or by job.)
Sometimes furniture just isn’t in the budget for your spec or model home.  But you know that flooring, cabinets, lighting, counters, and tile decisions all have to coordinate or this project may not resonate with buyers.  You also want to ensure that the professional photography shows cutting edge materials to get buyers excited to see the property.  Without furnishings, its even more important to make sure you hire a professional to achieve the most updated finishes so your home turns from listing to sale quickly.

"Holley’s Design Vision Was Spot On!" 

“Holley is a pleasure to work with!  Builders tend to make field changes when building models that have never been built before. Holley was extremely accommodating and easily worked with our construction team as any changes came in!  Holley’s design vision was spot on!  As soon as the homes were merchandised, sales took off and buyers could totally see themselves living in our homes. Holley met all of our expectations, was organized, and allowed us to hit our deadline.  Installation was a breeze and completed in the timeframe requested.”

- Theresa Hall, Judd Builders


"Holley is very good at setting our expectations with regard to budgets and timing"

“I have worked with Holley on several model homes. Holley is very easy to work with and always brings a lot of vision and experience to the table. She is prepared for the design meeting and gets to know the target market and our buyers beforehand. Holley is very good at setting our expectations with regard to budgets and timing. She has always made the installation dates and kept us apprised during the entire process. Many of our prospects have told us how they felt right at home upon entering our model homes. I would recommend Holley to any builder looking to decorate a model home.”

- Jack Barbary, VP Michael Anthony Homes